Swami Vivekananda Speech

Swami Vivekananda Speech

Swami Vivekananda Speech - Every word spoken by Swami Vivekananda ji is like a nectar. Swami Vivekananda has always been inspired by the youth, the speech given by him at the World Religious Conference is an Amravati in itself.
Swami Vivekananda Speech

We are very happy that we are publishing the speech of Swami Vivekanand ji, translated in Hindi at GyaniPandit.com to all of you.

Message given at World Religious Conference
Chicago, September 11, 1893

America's sisters and brothers ...

My heart is very happy with this warm and warm welcome from you. I thank you from the world's oldest saint tradition. I would like to thank you on behalf of the mother of all religions and express your gratitude on behalf of millions of castes, sects, millions of Hindus.

My thanks is also for some speakers who have said on this forum that the idea of ​​tolerance in the world is spreading from the countries of the whole country. I am proud that I am from a religion that has taught the world how to embrace tolerance and universal acceptance.

We do not believe in universal tolerance only, but we accept all religions of the world as truth only. I am very proud that I am from a country which has sheltered the unhealthy and oppressed people of all the countries and religions of this earth.

I am very proud to say that we have kept our hearts in the holy memory of the Israelis whose religious places were destroyed by the Roman invaders and then they took shelter in South India.

I am proud of the fact that I am from a religion that has sheltered the people of great Parsi religion and is still lovingly loving them. Brothers, I would like you to recite some verses of a verse which I have remembered and repeated from my childhood and which is repeated every day by millions of people.

Just as the different rivers coming out of different sources eventually enter the oceans, in the same way man chooses different paths according to his wish. They may look straight or crooked, but they go only to God.

The current conference which is one of the most sacred ceremonies to date, is the evidence of this principle described in the Gita - whatever comes to me, whatever it is, I reach it. Whether people choose any path, they reach me only.

Sectarianism, religion and its horrible descendants, have been holding the earth for long periods of time. He has filled the earth with violence. How many times has this land redened with blood? How many civilizations have been destroyed and how many countries have been destroyed. If this was not a terrible monster, then today human society would have been more advanced, but now its time has been completed.

I sincerely hope that the conjunction of today's conference will destroy all the dogmas, every kind of tribulation, whether they are by sword or by the pen and the malice between all humans.

The message given in Swami Vivekananda's last session

I thank all those great souls who have a big heart and who have the truth of love and who have experienced the truth of dominion. I want to thank the people who show generosity and sentimentality. I also want to thank all those who peacefully listen to our religious views and agree with me.

All the sweet talks of this conference will be remembered from time to time. I want to make special thanks to all of those who made my thoughts even better with their presence.

It was said only about religious unity. But I have not come here to tell my own speech to be bold. But if anyone here is hoping that this unity will come in handy for anybody or any other religion and will come to be a destruction for the other, then I want to tell them, "Brothers, your hope is absolutely impossible."

Am I asking a Christian to become a Hindu in religious unity?

God will always stop me from doing this.

Am I asking any Hindu or Buddha to become Christian? Of course, God will not let this happen. Seeds are always sown at the bottom of the ground and the earth and air and water are around the same. So does it become seed, air and water? No, it becomes a plant. He grows under his own rules. In general, earth, air and water are also found in that seed and live as a plant.

And such is also about religion. Christian will never become a Hindu and a Buddhist and a Hindu will never become Christian. But in the time of religious solidarity, we need to develop and develop on the basis of development rules while understanding each other.

If the World Religions Convention can show anything to the world, then it will be - the purity, purity and virtue of the religions.

Since the religion of the person is created by the religion itself, even if one thinks that his religion is expanding and the destruction of other religions, even during religious unity, I feel proud of such people. According to me, the religious texts of all the religions should be written in the same sentence:

"Help and not fight" "Do not be separated from one side, do not separate" "Keep calm and compassion, not violence"

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