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horror place in india

1. Bhangad Fort 

India's top Most Horror place Bhangad Fort. There is such a world in India where even today Goverment has been banned for going to the night. In such a world, Bhangarh Fort is number one. If someone goes out at night, then life does not return, it has happened many times.
Horror place in india, bhangarh fort story.
bhangarh fort
bhangarh fort

Where is the Bhangarh Fort cursed, whose Princess Ratnavati was very beautiful. This is the point when Rani Ratnavati was 18 years old, according to her age, her youth was making her even more beautiful! One of them went to the fair with friends to visit. There she was standing at an ottore shop, then she was seeing a person named Indhu Singha. He liked watching Rattnavati, but he was a Tantric who was a Black Magic. O Princess was so crazy. Under any circumstances Ratnawati wanted to get it! One day, the princess's maid brought hair oil from the Queen's market, in which Tantric had done a black magic, that whatever oil that was placed in the hair, will be drawn to the Tantric side. The queen recognized the oil, because the queen was a perfect woman.He broke the bottle of oil on a stone O stone went to Tantric, and the Tantrik realized that his death was so widespread. At that time he cursed Queen Rattnavati and his fort, that Ratnawati would die and anyone who did not survive on the fort would die. After the death of Tantric, those who died on the fort of Bhangarh only a few days died! Since then Bhangarh fort became a Khander. At night, there are strange voices, the soul of Rattnavati still spins.
Today is the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) office in the side of Bhangarh Fort, which is monitoring this entire fort and does not let people go to the fort at nigh.
most horror place in india

2.Kuldhara Village (Kuldhara Village)

This incident is from the Kuldhara village of 1991. Kuldhara village is 411 Km from Rajasthan. These villages have still read the deserted land, this village has a total of 84 villages. Its a bay is a girl from this village! These villages were inhabited by Paliwali Brahmans.
A girl was very beautiful in Kuldhara village, which was the sight of a divan! O girl was the daughter-in-law daughter.The name of that diva was Salam Singh who used to look at that girl with a dirty look, putting pressure on the Brahmans to get it.Salim Singh was very oysters, he had seven shadia. One day it came that Diwan threatened the entire village that the girl should be handed over to her, otherwise she would attack the village.And the girl will take away all of them.
The villagers feared the entire universe gathered in a temple and decided to leave the village. He left the village but did not go so easily, cursed the village that there will be no survivors and no more survivors there!
Once three foreign tourists were caught looking for the secret treasure in Kuldhara village. Since then, the village was taken under the supervision of the state government! And nobody at the time of night does not have the courage.
Kuldhara Village

3.Lambi Dehar Mines

Lambi Dehar Mains is a Mussoorie mine, on which there has been an accident with 50000 thousand workers, in which the entire laborers die of agony.
In the 1990's, a stone was chosen in a mine. By the choice of the workers, the workers would have been very fiercely influenced by their chosen body. One day, all the laborers began to vomit, and one hundred fifty thousand workers died one by one! Since then, this Khan has read illusory, whose work never started again. Here we have strange situations. No road from the road falling down on your own.Night woman chapping sound. Therefore this place is India's third most scary place.

4.Dow Hill Park Hill Station

In Darjeeling of West Bengal, a dow hill named Jungle is a very terrible event! In that forest, the man chopped off! Many people of the country have seen. And there is a boy's school in the same pay-karsing, which even after the closing, the voice of horror screaming is heard! He has this forest where he has a lot of deaths. There is an incident on the pay site. This forest is so dense that even in the day it feels the night! The most dangerous thing is that there goes a path from this forest where the Deth Root goes. People on the horizon have seen a boy who has no head.
O looks for a while and then disappears in the woods.People have also said that a big woman is seen in the forest. While walking around the forest, it seems that there is someone behind us, but when we look back, we can not show anything. Many people are still in the coma due to their incident.
Dow Hill

5.Jamali Kamali Masjid

There is a mosque near Kutub Minar in Mehruli, Delhi, which was constructed by Humayun 1528. There is two graves inside this mosque, the second of a Jamli, Kanha goes to the mosque during the night, which is shown in the mosque. That is why this place goes to the Haunted Mane.

6.Brij Raj Bhawan Rajstan 

In 1857, in the war against the British, some Hindi Shipai  of Major Charles Pottery was killed by a knife in the bridge building in Kota, Rajasthan. In addition, two twin sons were killed in the hall of Kebruja Bhavan. There are strange happenings in this place today, hence the Archaeological Survey of India has declared a Haunted Heritage Place.

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