For some very serious crimes, death penalty is imposed in India. After 1995, there have been 5 incidents in India where the Supreme Court of India has sentenced to death.
In the case of Muthu versus Punjab State, the Supreme Court of India has considered a person who is serving life imprisonment under section 303 of the Indian Penal Code as an unlawful act of death.

There is no punishment for every crime in the world. But the biggest punishment is the punishment of "punishment-e-death". So let us know about some interesting facts related to the death penalty in India.

Interesting facts about death Penalty in India

  1. India hangs in Buxar jail in Bihar Because the prisoners there are considered to be the masterpieces of hanging hanging. Wherever there is a hanging in India, hanging is done only in Bihar.
  2. The death sentence in India is very serious or can be said in very rare cases only by the Supreme Court. On hearing the punishment, the court has to write down why the matter is considered to be the rare.
  3. For the prisoner who is sentenced to death, the hangman's hanging is not sought from outside, but for him a prisoner of hanging is preparing a prisoner who is hanging in jail. And such arrangements have been going on in India since the British time.
  4. According to the Supreme Court, the prisoners who are given "punishment-e-death" should be reported 15 days earlier to their house, so that they can come and meet him.
  5. There are only two hangmen in the country to hang in India. And these hangers are given the Rs 3000 for these hangers by the government of the states in which they live. And when someone executes them, they get different fees. And at the same time, when the members of terrorist organizations are hanged, the rioters are given a large amount. As if hanging of the killers of Indira Gandhi, the hangman was given Rs 25,000.
  6. The criterion has also been fixed on the thickness of the hanging trap. And the length has also been fixed. Instructions to keep the trunk rope thicker than one and a half.
  7. Before the execution, the mujrim's face is covered with black cotton cloth and then he is hanged on a trap for 10 minutes. The doctor then checks the prisoner hanging on the trap and tells that he is alive or dead.
  8. Before hanging in India hangman says, "forgive me. Hindu brothers, Ramram, salutations to Muslims, what can we do, we are the slaves of Makkum. "
  9. Some people are present on the execution of the executioner. From there, the jail superintendent, executive magistrate, executioner and doctor are present there. The executioner can not be hanged without these people.
  10. The sentence of hanging in India is considered the biggest punishment and after hearing it, the judge breaks the nail of the pen because since that pen ends the life of someone, so it should not be used again. And the other reason is that even after the verdict broke out, the judge itself does not have the right to change the judge's decision or to try to reconsider.
  11. On the day the prisoner is to be hanged in India, he is woken up at 3 o'clock in the morning and then he is given a cold, both kind of water so that the prisoner's water can be taken from him. The prisoner is given books related to his religion. So that he could pray in the last time.
  12. Hanging in India is always given in the dark because after the sunrise the jail work starts and hanging due to the execution does not have any effect on the prisoner due to this, the execution is disposed of before the sunrise as soon as possible.

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