The Modi government of the Center has been constantly trying to fulfill the dream of Digital India, the Government knows that everybody has a mobile phone nowadays, considering this, the government will promote its Digital India - Digital India campaign. Is constantly launching its new Indian government application - Indian Government Apps.
It has got a lot of convenience for the people, and they are also getting an opportunity to live a better life. Let me tell you that recently the Modi Government had updated the mpassport seva app under its digital India campaign. Through this app, people will not have to wander around to make a passport. They can easily apply for passports from anywhere in the country through this app.

In addition to this, the Election Commission has launched an app called Seismi, in order to make the Indian Government's Digital India campaign successful, through which any citizen can send videos and photos of unlawful activity or hatred during elections. is.

In addition to this, the Government has realized the importance of mobile applications and has launched all such applications for various services related to digital payments, surveillance departments and services for the Income Tax Department, so that people can now handle their hours' work in minutes, At the same time we will talk about the government app that can prove to be a great work for you.

Indian Police at Your Call App: Indian Police at Your Call App

Modi Government has launched an app for keeping the country's security in mind and promoting its digital India program, which is named Indian Police at your Call App.

As the name of this app shows, through this app, people can easily locate the police station according to their location. In addition to this, the app can prove to be the closest to the nearby police station and also to find out the route.

Through this app, you can also remove district control room and SP office numbers. Anyone can use this app in the time of their trouble. Through this app, you can call the police anytime for your safety.

Users can also make calls using this app at the time of need. Let's tell you that this app works on GPS systems.

This app was launched by NIC (National Informatics Center). If you download this app in your mobile then you will always feel secure and the police around you. This app has been linked to the locations of the whole country. As soon as touching this app, information of 4-5 police stations will be available in the second.

In fact, this app has encouraged Digital India as well as citizens have got a better option of security.


Launched under Modi Government's Digital India program, this app is a big work app which was launched by the Ministry of Road Transport. If you want to keep your papers related to your transport, then this app is made for you only. In fact, through this app you can keep RC of your license or vehicle in digital form. You can also make a digital copy of your car or two-wheeler registration certificate.

Through this app, people can also verify their existing car registration details as well as complete details of their old car. If you are thinking about buying an old car, then this app can prove to be a lot of work for you.

In this app, all the information related to any vehicle is available. Such as owner's name, registration date, model, insurance validity etc.

 Incredible India app

India is known for the fascinating tourist destinations all over the world. There are many places in India that people and people from abroad come to see. In view of this, the Central Government has launched the Incredible India App, which encourages tourism under its Digital India program, through which the people who are traveling to India can be benefited to a great extent.

Let us know that these apps can take full details of different tourist sites. With this, full information about all the attractions of the state can also be obtained. The special thing is that these apps are also available in both Hindi and English languages.

The unique feature of the Government of India's Incredible India app is that the information about the main tourist sites and philosophical sites of all the states has been shown in a systematic way.

Through which people can easily get information about tourist sites. At the same time, this app can also find out how tourists can reach the place, get information about the roads, or even the distance between any two cities or places can be easily seen.

This app is also the best India Tourist Guide of a method. To make travel across India, this India tourism app will help you to explore the beaches, the archetype mountainous terrain, romantic destinations, Amarnath yatra guide.

On the other hand, if you are planning a vacation or are planning to do it, then you must download the Incredible India App Incredible India app of the Modi Government in your smart phone because through this app you can get all information on one platform. Will go.

Both the domestic and domestic tourists can find out the unknown incredible places by visiting many city tour or domestic tour operators, transport operators, travel agents, regional level guides and classified hotels in a city or tourist place.


Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India and NCERT have now started the e-school app for students. Which is proving to be very useful for the students.

Through e-learning app, students will be able to read their curriculum books and other textbooks on mobile, tablets, computers etc. in free.

E-school apparatus of Government of India is proving to be very useful in digitizing India rapidly. On the small shoulders, heavy loads of heavy loads of books were also found in this app.

Now he will not be able to take heavy burden of books on his shoulders. Because through this app they will be able to study from their curriculum books. Under the Digital India Campaign, the promotion of ICT has also been promoted in the learning process.

ePathshala Mobile App is an app designed to achieve the goal of lifelong learning and digital distance for all, equitable, quality, inclusive education and everyone.

Ebooks can be used by students and teachers and parents through mobile devices, tablets (in the form of ePub) and various types of devices including desktop. Apart from this, ePathshala also tries to store many types of books according to the support of their devices for the users.

It is a special thing that users in this application give users many options in addition to zoom, bookmark, highlight, navigate, share pinch, select, highlight and text-to-speech, which allows users to read books in them. .

GST Rate Finder

When the Modi government implemented GST across the country, people got confused about the GST rates. Because they did not know enough about the GST rates for different goods and services.

The GST Rate Finder application was launched by the Government of India and Finance Minister Arun Jaitley and the official website of CBEC (Central Board of Excise and Customs) to overcome this tension of the people.

Through this application, people will be able to easily access information about different goods and services and their respective GST rates.

Let us know that GST Rate Finder provides users with correct information of the GST rate put on it before purchasing goods or services so that people can check it and make the right payment. This means that you will not need to wander around to know the rates of GST, you can download the GST Rate Finder application in your mobile and get the information.

In this way, these applications make you feel free to make all the information related to the GST. The particular thing about this application is that the application also works offline too. You can easily download this application by visiting Google App or Play Store.


Prime Minister Narendra Modi has launched several types of applications, from which the "Umang" (UMANG) launched by the Modi Government, is an extremely useful application, to facilitate people to easily sit and sit at home.

Through this app, you can avail the services of 162 services of the Central and State Governments. This is the first application to provide such facilities with this. Let us know that in order to use this app, it will need to sign up first.

After this, users can take advantage of several other important services, including EPFO, CBSE, Bill Payment.

Let us know that the electronics and IT ministry has launched this app in conjunction with National e-Governance. The full name of this app is the Unified Mobile Application for New-Age-Governance, which is known by the abbreviation "Umang".

If you have downloaded this useful app from the Government of India in your smart phone, then this app can also stop you from watching the CBSE school centers and school results. Not only this, the premium insurance premium can be obtained through this app.

Soil health can be known about. In government hospitals, the name can be registered in OPD to show the patient. Apart from this, people use this app at large level for information on other services.

Let us know that these applications can be easily downloaded on Android, iOS as well as on the mobile platform of the mobile. This application is available in 13 languages. These include English, Hindi, Assamese, Gujarati, Bengali, Kannada, Oriya, Punjabi, Malayalam, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu and Urdu languages.

Swachh Bharat Abhiyan

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has launched 'Sanitary' mobile app with the aim of making Swachh Bharat Mission a success. This app will help people keep their surroundings neat and clean.

If you upload a video or photo of the dirt spreading around you on the sanitary app, the action is taken by the municipal corporation immediately. If there is no action even after complaining about spreading dirt around you, then you can contact municipal authorities through this app.


An app made by the Center for Excellence in Postal Technology is PostInfo, an important application of the Department of Posts. Through this app, users can easily take advantage of features like parcel tracking, post office search, postage calculator, insurance premium calculator and interest calculator.

On the other hand, offers many types of life insurance policies to people through post department, postal life insurance and rural postal life insurance. Users can track premium rates of all postal / rural postal life insurance policies through an app.
By which you will get rid of the environment. Even then, if your problem is not being solved then feedback can also be sent to it.


This application of Government of India is one of the most popular applications. Through this app, people can make transactions faster and easier.

Along with this, online rail, air tickets can also be done. Along with this, this application can be very beneficial for hotel booking.

Aaykar setu

This app is very useful for many services in the Income Tax Department. Through this application, users can make online tax payments, can apply online PAN, as well as income tax levy in tax calculation helps a lot in the application. The specialty of this application is that there is also a chatbox which also answers the questions made by taxpayers.
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