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interesting facts

Wind running on the summit of Mount Everest is at a distance of 29,029 feet from the air on the sea surface.

2. The size of this universe was like a grain of peas during the 10 million, one million, ten million, one million, one millionth of a million explosions.

3. DNA was first discovered by the Swiss Friedrich Miskler in 1869.

4. Authorized creation of DNA, the shape was first determined by Watson and Crick in 1953.

5. The first artificial human chromosome was created by a US scientist in 1997.

6. Thermometer was invented in 1607 by Galileo.

7. Magnifying glass was invented by Englishman Roger Bacon in 1250.

8. When the crack in Crackatoa in 1883, its force was quite powerful, there was a force of about 4,800.

9. In 1986, the heaviest fall was in Bangladesh, at that time the weight of the falling oz was about 1 kilos.

10. Every second, about 100 optical bolts collide with the earth.

11. With the help of keto you can quickly recover the injury, that too without rubbing moss and spreading infection.

12. What is more than germ (insect) spread by hand joining.

13. Antarctica's longest glacier is The Albert Glacier, which stretches 250 miles long and 40 miles.

14. The fastest speed of water fall is 18 mph.

15. A healthy person has 6,000,000,000,000,000 hemoglobin molecules.

16. About 1000 people are known from the light every year.

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17. On October 1, 1999 the iceberg was covered with ice rock in the southern pole in London.

18. If you are driving your car in fact, you can reach the space within hours.

19. Human Lace Worm approximately 22.9 m Increases up to

20. Earth is 4.56 million years old ... .. and the same age is also of the Moon and the sun.

21. Dinosaurs had vanished before the discovery of rockies and alps.

22. After getting the Female Black Widow Spider eats the mail spider.

23. When a flea flies, the ability to accelerate it is 20 times more than the space shuttle launch.

24. If the diameter of the sun is only one inch, then its nearest star will move from 445 milliseconds.

25. An Australian goat has plum 100 times more vitamin C compared to oranges.

26. Astronauts can not take Dakar - because there is no gravitation to separate the gas from liquid in the stomach.

27. An electric serum can produce 650 volts of shock.

28. Launch of Telstar. In 1962, Wireless Communications took a high flight, signaling the first satelite TV and telephone.

29. Ancient winemakers lived in Egypt in about 2300 BC.

30. 4 people out of every 5 people die due to the effects of Ebola virus.

31. In the 5 billion years, the fuel of sun is also lost and it becomes converted into a red star.

32. Giraffe sleeps only 20 minutes out of 24 hours. They sometimes sleep for 2 hours, but such a little less. They never bend down.

33. Orgasm of a swine remains only for 30 minutes.

34. Your stomach digest food even without the mucus layer.

35. Humans have 46 chromosomes, 14 beats in honeybeat and 200 chromosomes in Chingut (saltwater fish).

36. There are 60,000 blood vessels in the human body.

37. Utopia Ia Mars is a large and soft area of ​​the house.

38. While paying tribute to Alexander Graham Bell on the day he was burnt, the entire US telephone system was closed for 1 minute.

39. The sound of a slow frequency extracted by a whale is equal to much more noise for living organisms.

40. The sound of the whale whale is faster than infestation, it can listen to you 500 miles away.

41. Low cholesterol diets can lead to heart disorders.

42. Due to intercourse, 3 out of 10 dogs are not prone to hearing.

43. The world's smallest maternal tzhenian parasitic is Vespa, which is smaller than the fly's eye in the house.

44. It takes about 1 hour for a heavy object to reach the sea surface up to 6.7 miles.
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