Research-and-Analysis-Wing (RAW)

Research-and-Analysis-Wing (RAW)

Research and Analysis Wing-
For the security of any country, the army of that country, the police are engaged in day-to-day duty. But besides the army and the police, there are many such intelligence organizations that are designed to protect the country but are kept confidential. The work of these security agencies is to keep an eye on the impending activities of the neighboring countries and other countries against their country and they have to fail.
India's intelligence agency is called Raw, i.e. Research and Analysis Wing. Raw was formed in the year 1968. At the time when India was stoking foreign and domestic affairs. Although there are many interesting and important things about RAW that few people know about.

But as a responsible citizen, you should be aware of these things. That's because Raw's importance is much more than the importance shown in films.
Research and Analysis Wing-
raw,Research-and-Analysis-Wing (RAW)

  1. RAW Being an intelligence wing, any officer employed in this department has to take care of his privacy, he can not reveal his identity to anyone.
  2. An interesting thing about the RAW officer is that the Raw officials never get a gun on duty. But during espionage they only have the right to use the weapon in extreme extreme circumstances. Although raw agents often leave their circumstances using their intelligence.
  3. Since then, RAW has formed many experts in RAW since 1968. One of whom was Rameshwar Nath Kav. Not only this, Prime Minister PM Narendra Modi's National Advisor Ajit Doval has also been serving his services for several years.
  4. You may be surprised to know that Raw was an important contributor to the 1971 war, which was led by Rameshwar Nath Kav. Based on the information of Raw, only the naval commandos blew up Pakistan's ships present at the port of Chittagong. Apart from this, many important information in this war was given to RAW by the Indian Army, with the help of the Indian army defeating Pakistan, East Pakistan was declared a new country as Bangladesh.
  5. In addition to the 1971 war, Sikkim's credit to merger in India goes to Indian intelligence agency RAW only. In fact, China wanted to acquire Sikkim. But RAW's sense of interest failed and Sikkim became the 22nd state of India.
  6. To find out India's nuclear program, the American intelligence agency CIA had worked hard. But the CIA had to fail before RAW's strategy. This is the biggest failure of the CIA in history.
  7. RAW is often given the opportunity to join the country's police, the army officers working in the department, the highest officials are allowed to join. However, prior to being included in the RAW, all old records are checked about the officer. Also, before joining RAW, the agent has to resign from his department. Raw does not keep any such person in his department who is greedy for power or money.
  8. Privacy is very important for RAW agents working in Raw can not tell their identity to their families.
  9. For 10 RAW people working in many different areas have also given their services. The biggest example of which is the theater artist Ravinder Kaushik, who raised many important information for RAW
  10. Let us tell you that RAW is called an intelligence agency, but it is not an agency but a wing because of which it is never accountable to Parliament.
  11. Training of RAWAJ is done in the US, UK and Israel. In addition to tough self-defense training in training of RAW agents, training of information such as financial, economic analysis, space technology, energy security, scientific knowledge is also given.
  12. Every Raw Accent has to be specialist in at least one foreign language. In addition, case studies of intelligence agencies such as CIA, KGB, ISI, Mosad are also taught.
  13. Raw has been a major contributor to the failure of dangerous operations like Pakistan's Abbeel. And because of the RAW, India is protected from a dirty neighbor like Pakistan, on which RAW is watching every moment.

Raw is a very important wing in the country's security and we should probably be proud of that there are many people in our country who, as an agent of RAW, are putting their lives in line for their country but never Their identity does not come out and their identity often goes with them.

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