Some of India's strange laws that you hardly know about? - Weird Laws in India

Some of India's strange laws that you hardly know about? - Weird Laws in India

There are some strange and strange laws in India that you hardly know about. Let us tell you that such unimaginable laws are not only funny but they also have no meaning in the present social social scene.

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According to the cultural norms of the Indian society of the 19th century, most of the legislation made by the British is very strict and weird. These laws really need to be amended.

Although it is not that these laws have not been noticed in India, they have been made to a great extent, but there are still many laws that are still there. Today we will tell you about the same strange laws of India - Weird Laws in India which are as follows

  • Section 309 of the Indian Penal Code

The law made under this section is really awkward. You may think of yourself before you commit suicide, it will think that if she is not successful in committing suicide, she may have to face punishment.

Yes, section 309 of the IPC, falls under the purview of attempt to commit suicide. Let us tell you that this law was only in British times, when India was suffering from slavery, then it was included in the Indian Penal Code.

But the surprise is that even after getting the freedom, these laws were involved in the Indian Constitution, which had also been repeatedly tried to remove it.

Let us tell you that Law Yoga first recommended the removal of this section in 1961 but there was no solution for this. At present, there is also a provision for the sentence of suicide.

Indeed, Indian law assumes that in addition to the right of a person, his family has the right to his family.

You should tell that according to this section, the person who tries to commit suicide will be sentenced to one year's jail and also has to pay an economic penalty. At the same time, the crime of suicide is not a compromise.

  • Indian adulthood act, 1875
This law is quite astonishing and humorous, according to this law, a man must be 21 years old to get married. The humorous thing in this law is that if a person wants to adopt a child with a father, then he can do it even at the age of 18. Such laws of India that have no sense and that are really strange.
  • Indian post office act, 1898

You would also be surprised to know about this law of India as per this strange law, only the government of India could distribute the letter.

Surprisingly, under this law, the business of all types of courier companies in India was illegal. It is also humorous that sending a letter through pigeons was also illegal. But now this rule has been changed.
  • Indian treasury fund act, 1878
Have you ever thought that if you ever get a note in the road that is coming and going, then you will have to find that person under this law, otherwise you will have to give the information of the received note in the police station itself.
  • East Punjab Agricultural Insect, Disease and Harmful Weed Law, 1949
This law of India is quite indecent if you are a resident of Delhi and have been troubled by the problem of growing locusts in your city, you can be called to play drums on the road for this.

It is really awkward to hear, but surprisingly, if you refuse to follow this order, then you can get a fine of up to 50 rupees or a jail for at least 10 days.
  • Indian Automotive Law, 1914
Can you ever imagine that you might have to lose your job because of your dirty teeth and your toes fingers.

But the reality is that according to the Indian Motor Vehicles Act, if your teeth are not shiny and your toes are torn, then you will be removed from the job.
  • The Rebellious Settlement Meeting Act, 1911
The Revolutionary Meeting The Prevention Act is also one of India's peculiar-poor laws. These laws are also a law made in the British era. Accordingly, it was to stop the rebellion or stirring meetings in any part of India.

According to this strange law of India, the dance of more than 20 persons was also restricted at one place. At the same time, the Indian government has removed this rule and now the government has removed this rule in a peaceful manner to all. And now everyone can gather in peaceful manner.
  • Strange Law of Drinking:
As we all know that today's youth is in the grip of intoxicants. For them the party has become a drinking. Birthday parties, weddings or celebrating a particular day celebrates drinking alcohol.

Use of liquor There are different laws in different states regarding the legal age for the purchase of alcohol.

Whereas, drinking alcohol is prohibited completely in Gujarat, Bihar, Manipur and Nagaland, Lakshadweep, on the one hand, the drinking age in Maharashtra, Himachal Pradesh, Karnataka, Goa, Puducherry and Sikkim is 18 years while Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, Uttarakhand and others West Bengal has 21 years and 25 years in Delhi, Haryana, Punjab and Chandigarh.

The law is believing that people in different parts of the country are adults at different ages which is quite indecent.

There is no meaning for India's such poor-poor laws, nor is there any importance in society, therefore, these laws need to be amended or removed.
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