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In the country, when the fight for independence had accelerated, everybody was joining in this battle in their own style. But now all the freedom was the freedom of India! ""You offer Maine Blood, i'll provide you with Freedom" These words became the motto of Indian youth within the time of freedom struggle. Mahatma Gandhi, who believed in non-violence, was totally opposite to Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose. Bose wanted to fight against the British in a different way. The speech that was said by them later became historic and millions of young people were inspired by this speech. He also established the Azad Hind army for the freedom fight. Let us know today their speech - Subhash Chandra Bose Speech Give Me Blood: Give me blood and I will give you freedom.

Subhash Chandra Bose Speech
Subhash Chandra Bose Speech

Netaji delivered this speech in 1944 in the Indian National Army in Burma. : -

Friends! Twelve months ago, in East Asia, the program of 'complete military organization' or 'more sacrifice' was presented to the Indians. Today I will give you the account of our accomplishments of last year and will keep our demands for the coming year in front of you. But before doing so, I want to make you realize once again that how much golden opportunity we have to achieve independence.

The British are entangled in a worldwide conflict and during this struggle, they have overcome many fronts. In this way, due to the weakness of the enemy, our fight for freedom has become very easy, as it was five years ago. This unique and God-given opportunity comes once in a hundred years.

That's why we have vowed to take full advantage of this opportunity to rescue our motherland from British slavery.

I am so optimistic for the success of our struggle, because I am not just dependent on the efforts of 30 lakh Indians in East Asia. There is a great movement in India and millions of our nationals are ready to face maximum suffering and sacrifice for achieving independence.

Unfortunately, since our great struggle of 1857, our countrymen are unarmed, while enemies are armed with weapons. In today's modern age, it is impossible for unarmed people to get freedom without a modern army. With the help of God's grace and generous rule, it has been possible for Indians of East Asia to get weapons to build a modern army.

Apart from this, the attempts to achieve independence are tied in the Indian unity of East Asia, and religious and other differences, which the British government tried to give to the inside of India, is not anonymously in East Asia.

Because of this, today we have a perfect blend of circumstances that is in favor of the success of our struggle - now it is only necessary that Indians will come forward to pay the price of their freedom. According to the program of 'the entire military organization', I demanded the jawans, money and material from you.

As far as the soldiers are concerned, I am happy to inform you that we have got enough number of recruits. We have got recruits from every corner of East Asia - from China, Japan, Indochina, Philippines, Java, Borneo, Celebus, Sumatra, Malaya, Thailand and Burma.

You should continue to manage the jawans, money and material with more enthusiasm and energy, especially the supply and transportation problems should be a satisfactory solution. We will need men and women of all categories for the administration and reconstruction of the areas which have been liberated.

We should be prepared for that situation in which the enemy will boldly adopt a 'home-fueled policy' before retreating from any particular area and will force the civilian population to evacuate their city or village, as they did in Burma. The biggest problem is to deliver the jawans and materials to the battleground.

If we do not do this, then we can not hope to continue our success on the fronts, nor can we succeed in reaching the interior parts of India.

Those of you, who have to continue work for the country after Independence, should never forget that East Asia - especially Burma - is the basis of our struggle. If this base is not strong then our fighter forces will never be victorious.

Remember that this is a 'complete war' - there is no war between the two armies. That's why, for the last full year, I have put so much emphasis on 'complete military organization' in the past.

The reason behind my saying that you pay more attention to the domestic front, there is another reason. In the coming months, my colleague of the Cabinet Committee of the Cabinet and I want to concentrate all our attention on the war front and also for revolution in India.

That is why we want to make absolutely sure that our work on the basis of our absence continues smoothly and without any interruption. Companions a year ago, when I had placed some demands in front of you, then I said that if you give me the 'complete military organization' then I will give you a 'second front'.

I have fulfilled my promise. The first phase of our campaign has been completed. Our victorious armies have put the enemy back on the shoulders with the arms and now they are bravely fighting on the holy land of our beloved motherland.

Now take care of the work that is in front of us to complete them. I told you to arrange the jawans, money and material. I have found them all in abundance. Now I want something more than you Youth, wealth and material can not automatically give victory or freedom

We must have such motivational force, which will motivate us for brave and fair work. Only because of the victory that we now see in our reach.

Thinking that you will see India living independently, it will be a fatal mistake for you. None of the people present here should have the desire to enjoy the sweet fruits of independence.

Today we should have only one desire - the desire to die, so that India can live, the desire to die of a martyr, through which the path of freedom can be made the martyr's blood.

Sister! Today I ask you for the same thing, at the top, I beg your blood for you. This blood will take revenge for the blood, which the enemy.

Sister! Today I ask you for the same thing, at the top, I beg your blood for you. This blood will take revenge for the blood that the enemy has shed. Freedom can be paid by blood only. Give me blood and I promise freedom from you.


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