What is Section 377

Human color, length, gender are some things that are natural that no one can change and no person can be blamed for the color, sex or nature of his person, although we make people create the realm of society. This thing is forgotten. And they pick up finger on all the natural things on which no one has just one.
Perhaps for several hundred years after this reason, an important section of our society got its right when the Supreme Court ordered to abolish Section 377 - Dhara 377 in India. The Supreme Court's Chief Justice of India Deepak Mishra has announced the decision under the leadership of a five judge bench, now Section 377 of the IPC - Section 377 will be abolished. Although many of us are unaware of section 377 - Dhara 377 let's tell you, Section 377 is what and which category which is most happy with the end of this section.
All of us know that our country was the slave of the British, but after independence in 1947, many sections of the Indian Penal Code were taken from British law, one of whom was sexually abusive, Section 377 was also the law of lesbianism in India in 1862 The British had made it.

According to this section, marriage to two gay people or sex was a crime. Because the sexual intercourse of two gay sex was considered to be unnatural sex which was illegal. For the offense, the convict has a 10 year sentence and a fine.

However, here too, it is important for people to know that under Section 377-Article 377, sexual intercourse only sex was not considered unlawful. Rather, unnatural sexual violence with animals and children was also considered a crime and under this section there was a provision of punishment and penalty.

One important thing related to this section is that there was no need for a warrant for this section only on the basis of suspicion or on the basis of secret information, the police could arrest anybody. For the past 150 years, around 200 people have been convicted in connection with the sexual harassment of women under this section.

How to End Article 377

In addition to women and men, there are gay people in our society, even though they were not recognized in society, due to which their rights have never been taken care of. But the challenge came to this section when a body that saved the lives of prostitutes wasted in the swamp, filed a petition in this high court against this section. Under the right to equality, the High Court admitted that the relationship between two adult lesbians can not be considered unlawful.

But the Supreme Court restored this decision of the High Court, because the Supreme Court had said that homosexuality would be considered a crime unless the section is 377. But after a long hearing this year, the Supreme Court decides to abolish Section 377 That is, homosexuality is no crime in India.

Let me tell you that earlier this year, Australia also approved the marriage of gay people while ending the law of homosexuality here. Apart from this, there are many countries around the world where homosexuality is not a crime.
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