Amazing Facts of Science

Amazing Facts of Science

Amazing Science Facts,Astonishing facts of science. 

Amazing Facts of Science -
1. One search has found that most people do the same. Which they are not asked to do. And in this small children are the biggest fire. (Example - The article given in this article has been asked to not read this article, but still you are still reading it.)

2. One in every 2000 children is born with a tooth.

3. About 1 million earthquakes occur every year on Earth.

4. The pig's sexual arousal lasts for about 30 minutes.

5. If the stomach had no tangents, then the stomach digest itself.

6. The heaviest ever HALSTON (OLA) in Bangladesh in 1986 was Gera, which was 1 kg.

7. Due to incubation, 3 out of 10 dogs can not hear.

8. In every second, about 100 times the brains hit the Earth.

9. Sunlight takes 8 minutes to 20 seconds to reach the Earth from the sun.

10. On October 12, 1999, "The Day of Six Billion" was put on the basis of the United Nations Projection.

11. Only 10% of the people born in the world are alive at this time.

12. Every year, 1000 people die from electricity.

13. In 1997, the US scientist made the synthetic human chromosome (human chromosome) for the first time.

14. Galileo discovered the thermometer in 1607.

15. In 1250, Englishman Roger Bacon discovered the Magnifying Glass (magnifying glass).

Amazing Facts of Science

16. Alfred Nobel discovered dynamite in 1866.

17. Wilhelm Röntgen received the first Nobel Prize for Physics because he discovered X-Rays in 1875.

18. The world's tallest tree is the Australian Eucalyptus, and in 1872 its height is 435 feet.

19. Christian Barnard had transplanted the first heart in 1967 and the patient was alive for 18 days.

20. The Boeing 747 fan was larger than the first flight of Wright Brothers.

21. An electric balm fish can produce shock up to 650 volts.

22. With the launch of Telstar Satellite, Wireless Communication made a long jump in 1962; this is the first satellite, with the help of a live broadcast for telephony and television possible.

23. The ancient wine producers lived in Izhifa around 2300 BC.

24. 4 out of every 5 patients with Ebola virus die.

25. When Krakatoa was broken in 1883, then its force was so great that its voice was heard in Australia even 4,800 km away.

26. 5 billion years later the energy of the sun will end and it will remain a red circle.

27. Giraffe sleeps in just 24 minutes in 24 hours. They can sleep for up to 2 hours but they get very little see.

28. Humans have 46 chromosomes and cray fish have 200 chromosomes.

29. The human body has about 60,000 miles of blood arteries.

30. A blood cell takes 60 seconds to complete the whole body.

31. Utopia is the driest of Mars.

32. Telephone line was closed for 1 minute in the US for paying tribute to Alexander Graham Bell on the day he died.

33. The lowest frequency of the humpback whale makes the most noise from any living creature.

34. Humpback whale's call can be heard even 500 miles away.

35. In the year 2010, 1/4 trees of the world were affected.

36. Every man loses 40lbs weight in his life.

37. Squid eye on the 15th is the largest on this planet.

38. The biggest galaxy contains million, million stars.

39. There is about 100 billion galaxies in the entire universe.

40. Insect-biting worms fill the wound early and prevent gangrene and other infection from spreading.

41. Doing more than what the germs / bacteria do not spread by hand joining spreads by doing.

42. Antarctica's largest glacier is Albert Glacier, which is 250 miles long and 40 miles wide.

43. The speed of the rain fall of the rain is 18 meters per hour.

Amazing Science Facts
44. A healthy man has molecules of 6000 million, million, hemoglobin in the body.

Amazing Facts of Science

45. Taking low cholesterol diets containing Salmon Rich reduces the heart disease.

46. ​​The world's smallest worm is Tanzanian Paracetic Wasp, which is also smaller than a fly's eye.

47. If the circumference of the sun is equal to the beach ball, the circumference of the Jupiter will be equal to the golf ball and the round of the earth will be as much as the peas of pea.

48. Any heavy object takes about 1 hour to reach the depths of the sea.

49. The more micro-organisms are on their bodies than the humans who do not live there.

50. Gray Vernal comes back every year from Arctic to Mexico 12,500 miles away.

51. A rubber composed of 6,500 Atom.

52. Until this sentence is read, the Sun's million billion nutrition passes through your body.

53. The Saturn V rocket which hit the moon had the power of fifty 747 jumbo jets.

54. Koala sleeps for 22 hours a day.

55. The world's largest meteorite is in South Africa and Canada.

56. Sahara desert is the world's largest desert which is 3500,000 sq. Spreads in miles.

57. African handicon remains pregnant for 22 months.

58. 95% of people die from black mango bite.

59. In the 14th century, 75,000,000 people died from the black mice flea, which is called Black Death Killed.

Amazing Facts of Science

60. The ability of sniffing dogs is 1000 times more than human.

61. In a storm there is as much energy as 8000 megaton bomb construction.

62. 90% of the people die from the storm.

63. The rocket has to go from 7 miles per second to get the earth out of gravity.

64. If the stars of the galaxy are mixed in salt then they can fill the Olympics swimming bridge.

65. If the nuclear reactors are cooled then the microscope can also fight.

66. The oldest radio broadcast in 1930 has now crossed 100,000 stars.

67. 1000 sperm of men is formed in one second.

68. The neutron star size is very small.

69. Universe grows all around billions of miles per hour.

70. At the speed of light we will take 2 million years to go to Galaxy Andromeda beside us.

71. The temperature of Antarctica is -35 degrees Celsius.

72. 2000 km away, the Barrier Reef is the largest living structure of the earth.

73. The pinch of neutron star weight is around 10 million tons.

74. The danger of collision of any meteorite from the Earth occurs once in 9300.

75. The world's happiest place is in Aswan, Egypt, where there is 0.02 inches of rainfall in a year.

76. The highest depth in the sea in the Mariana Trench is in the Pacific Ocean. Its depth is 35,797 feet.

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