Sunita Williams | Biography, Childhood, Family Life,Achievements, & Facts

Sunita Williams | Biography, Childhood, Family Life,Achievements, & Facts

Sunita Williams | Biography, Achievements, & Facts,Childhood, Family Life

Sunita William is the second woman of Indian origin going to space through NASA. She is the first woman to go 7 times in space (50 hours 40 minutes of spacewalk). He has also been a member of International Space Station Campaign Team 14 and 15. In 2012, he served as a flight engineer in the expedition team 32 and became the commander in the expedition team 33.

Full name - Sunita Michael J. William (pre-marriage - Sunita Deepak Pandya)
Birth - September 19, 1965
Birthplace - Euclid, Ohio State
Father - Dr. Deepak N. Pandya
Mother Bani Jalokar Pandya
Marriage - Michael J. William

suneeta William,suneeta-William
suneeta William

Sunita Lin Pandya William was born in the United States of Ohio, in the city of Euclid (Cleveland). After passing High School from Massachusetts, he passed the BS examination in Physical Science from United Nations Naval Academy. Later, he earned his MS degree in Engineering Management from the Florida Institute of Technology. His father Dr. Deepak N. Pandya is a well-known neurologist (MD), which belongs to the Gujarat state of India. His mother Bani Jalokar Pandya is from Slivenia. He has an elder brother, Jai Thomas Pandya and an elder sister, Diana Ann Pandya. When Sunita's age was less than one year then her father settled down from Ahmedabad to Boston, USA. Although the children were not very happy with their grandparents, many uncles and aunt and cousins, but they had to go again. In August 1988, he was selected in the US space agency NASA and started training at the Johnson Space Center.

Sunita declared that he believed in Hindu God Ganesha, and when he went to the space, he also took with him the Hindu religious book Bhagavad Gita. Along with this, Sunita is also a member of the Society of Experimental Test Pilots.
Their marriage is Michael J. From William, he is also a naval vessel, helicopter pilot, test pilot, professional naval and a diver.

William came to India in September 2007. In India, he also went to Sabarmati Ashram and also got his village Jhosalan (Gujarat). The Gujarat Society honored him with the Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Global Talent Award. And she became the first woman to get an award while living abroad. On October 4, 2007, William delivered a speech at the American Embassy School and the same meeting he met with former Prime Minister of India Manmohan Singh.

Sunita William's Honors and Awards - Sunita Williams Awards:

1) Navy and Marine Crop Achievement Medal
2) Humanitarian service medicine.
3) National Defense Service Model
4) NASA Spaceflight Medal.
5) The medal for merit in the "Space Campaign Team" by the Government of Russia in 2011.
6) Padma Bhushan was awarded by the Indian Government in 2008.
7) Degree of Doctorate in 2013 by Gujarat Technological University.
8) Respect for Golden Order for Merits by the Slovenian Government in 2013.

Sunita William is a true story of "woman is a personality multiple".
Who does not know the name of space scientist Sunita Williams of Indian origin today? This name is such an extraordinary woman, whose name has many records recorded. He made the world record for 194 days, 18 hours in space. This article is the story of the same wonderful woman's extraordinary will, perseverance, enthusiasm and self confidence. Their qualities made them an ideal paradigm, an astronomer of the young girl, who kept her ambition to become a veterinarian. During his six-month stay in space, he remained the center of attraction for millions of people all over the world. Sunita has swamped in the oceans has dived into the oceans, the flights for the work of war and human welfare have been filled, have reached space and now have come back from Earth and have become an example of a living motivation. Have been.

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