India Pakistan War

India Pakistan War

War between India and Pakistan its detailed information ..

It is said that your best friend of good and bad times is your neighbor. But this does not apply to Pakistan at all. Since independence, Pakistan has been plotting to attack India. We all know that Pakistan was part of India before independence in 1947. But after Independence, in 1948, India was divided into Pak.

But Pakistan had the craving for Kashmir in partition. At that time the princely state of Kashmir was in the hands of Raja Hari Singh. In order to grab Kashmir, Pakistan sent its forces forcibly into Kashmir and attacked many parts and captured them. Because of this, Raja Harin Singh signed the Memorandum of Association and merged Kashmir in India.

But unhappy Pakistan has made it even faster for the capture of Kashmir. This is the first war between India and Pakistan. Even after this, despite the Pakistan protests, there have been three times more war between India and Pakistan. Know that detailed information about that war

India Pakistan War 1948

 List of War Between India and Pakistan

India Pakistan War 1948

In the year 1948, the first battle took place between India and Pakistan in Kashmir, with formal ending on January 1, 1949. After this, two-thirds of India's Kashmir control was declared, while Pakistan was successful in capturing one-third of Kashmir's Kashmir. Pakistan's occupied part is called POK in today's time. There are areas like Gigit Baluchistan.
India Pakistan War 1965
The second war between India and Pakistan was only for Kashmir. Pakistan has sent many of its soldiers to Kashmir in the custody of the citizens of Mansa by occupying Kashmir. But as soon as the Indian army came to know They began to disperse and arrest Pakistani soldiers.

Pakistan named the operation "Gibraltar" - Operation Gibraltar. Which had completely failed. On the other hand Indian soldiers had won on Lohar and Sialkot. But due to pressure from Soviet Union and the US, Pakistan and India had to declare a ceasefire. After this, the two countries signed the agreement in Tashankd city in the year 1966.

Although the then Indian Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shastri did not want to sign Because India had captured more than half of Pakistan's occupation. But at the behest of the Soviet Union and the United Nations, they had to do so. He died on the second day itself. Which till now is a secret.

India Pak War 1971

 India Pak War 1971

In 1971, the war between India and Pakistan was not about Kashmir, but Western Pakistan. That's because the people of western Pakistan were troubled by Pakistan's cruel policies. And wanted freedom. In this freedom, India supported Western Pakistan. And in 1971 Pakistan won West Pakistan from Pakistan to form a new country Bangladesh.

ndia Pakistan War 1999 (Kargil War)

The war in India, Pakistan in 1999, is also called the "Kargil war" - Kargil Yudh. That's because it was fought at the place called Kargil. Which is part of India, but whom Pakistan had attacked with the intention of occupation.

Who Won The Kargil War

But Indian soldiers won the victory in the face of Pakistan's fiercely and Pak soldiers had to return home by eating their mouth there.

If there is a war now in the coming time between India and Pakistan, then this war probably will not destroy the two worlds, but the whole world. That's because both countries have the power of nuclear power at the moment.

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