Jasmeen Patheja

Jasmeen Patheja

The museum made from the clothes of the victims of the rape, you will be surprised.

Jasmeen Patheja :-
In today's times, most of us people probably spend time thinking about themselves and their family and doing something for them, while our society is such people who handle others' pain more than themselves. It is for others to have the courage to do something unselfishly. Such people force us to think that even today there is nothing bigger than humankind. One such person is Jasmeen Patheja - Jasmine Pattaya.

You must have seen many people working in the society who are working for the rights of others, to improve the condition of the poor. But have you ever met a woman who gathered clothes of rape victims? Probably not, and if your answer is yes then surely that woman would be Jasmine.

Sexual abuse in crimes against women means that rape is a scandalous crime that makes women feel badly in both physical and mental ways, so that many women can not get out of their life.

Jasmeen Patheja
Jasmeen Patheja
And in the last few years, crime in India has increased greatly in crimes against women. Against whom the people took out the candle march, carried out the demonstration and then went on social media, then we kept writing something or something on it but what would have been spent on that lady.

Do not feel him But Jasiman Pathya, a resident of Hyderabad, is an example for people of the society that if you want to get justice, then you have to first understand their pain.

Jasmeen Patheja - Jasmin Pattaya is a social worker and the rape collects the clothes of the victims. There is a whole room in Jasmine's house full of clothes, which has its own painful story. This room is available from a 4 year old girl's clothes, an 18-year-old girl and a woman of 60 years of age.

Jasmeen Patheja - One reason for the rape victims of Jasmeen Patayja is to gather these clothes that for those women who have sex with them, look at their clothes that they were wearing at that time, It is like feeling the moment which does not allow them to move forward

But these clothes are presented as evidence in the court and they also have a medical examination. And Jasmine collects these clothes to give women relief from this pain and to keep them as evidence. The second reason for Jasmin's collection of these clothes is that he does not want to forget the crime of that woman. And also want to explain to the people that clothes are never responsible for the crimes committed with women.

Because when we begin to forget any event, the ability to fight for it also weakens. But these clothes kept in this room of Jasmine remind them of every moment that women are still insecure in our society.

Although Jasmeen Patheja - Jasmeen Patheja does not only collect rape clothes, but also fights for their rights through their NGO alone strollers. The women who are empowered to work without any assistance and motivate them to live without fear.

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