Karan Johar Biography, Height, Children, Girlfriend, Weight, Age, Affair, Family

Karan Johar Biography, Height, Children, Girlfriend, Weight, Age, Affair, Family

Karan Johar Biography

Karan Johar  is a famous Indian film director, producer, film writer, costume designer, actor and TV host. He is the son of Hiru Johar and Yash Jawhar. He is also the head of Dharma Productions Company. She is famous for producing India and the world's highest-grossing films. Four of these films, in which Shah Rukh Khan is present in the actor's character, is one of the highest earning productions of India in the foreign film industry. Due to the success of these films, Karan Johar has been credited for bringing change in Western cognition of Indian cinema. Karan Johar started the film in the role of actor in the film Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge directed by Aditya Chopra. He later started his directing career with a very successful romantic comedy, something happens. He was also conferred the Filmfare Award for Best Director and Best Screenplay by this film. His other films were Family drama, Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham (2001) and Romantic drama Kabhi Alvida Na Kahna (2006). Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna (2006) was a movie related to the subject of adultery. Both films received major financial success in India and abroad. Thus, Johar established himself in the table of the most successful filmmakers of Bollywood. His fourth film, My Name Is Khan (2010) received a positive review, and that film has earned Rs 200 crore worldwide. Because of all this, he has established himself as one of the most successful directors and producers in Indian cinema. Due to this information, he made his first movie something.

Karan Johar Biography

Career :-

Karan Johar launched the film Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge as assistant director in the film industry which is considered to be one of the landmark films of Hindi cinema. In this film, he also played a small role of Shah Rukh's friend. His first film as a director is 'Some Something happens'. This film was based on a love triangle. The film was highly appreciated and the film won many awards. After this, Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham, Kabhi Alpida Naa Kehna, My Name is Khan. In all these films, Karan has cast his Aziz friend Shahrukh in lead role. After this, as his producer-director, he started casting new generation in films. In many films he has also appeared in the cameo.

Learning :-

Karan attended Greenland High School and HR College of Commerce and Economics from Mumbai. He has a masters degree in French.

Even on TV :-

        Karan hosted the show called 'Coffee With Karen' on TV, in which he talks to celebrities. Among those who give interviews are actor, director, producer and other reputable names of the Hindi film industry. This show became quite populist and has been the subject of discussion many times. In this show, Karan has called almost every big celebrity and talked to him. Because of having a good relationship with almost everyone in the industry, they come all at one call to their call.

        They were confronted with controversy when they participated in the Uyoutube show named AIB Roast, and in thousands of crowds they used abusive language and abused abuses. This show was held for entertainment only but later many organizations strongly opposed it and Karan too.

Private lives :-

        Karan's personal life, which gave a new dimension to the identity of film directors, has been the subject of discussion. Various concepts have been put on their personal life. Because of their getting up and speaking, they have become the subject of joke, but Karan does not hurt. The characteristic of Karan's personality is that he does not hesitate to laugh at himself.

        They do not care about their critics because, Karan's friends have never left him. Karan's closest friend, Shah Rukh Khan, is in the film world. Not only in movies but in private life, it also matters to Shah Rukh's friendship. Karan, who reached the age of forty, is not yet married, he does not even regret it.

        Karan Johar has not married yet, but through the surrogacy technique on February 07 Karan has become the father of two twins, in which a boy whose name is Yash, who is the name of his father and the girl's name is Roi, which is his mother The name is inspired by the hero.

        Karan is known for his bold personality among the audience in Indian cinema. They open their views openly on all subjects, which often leads them to face some minor disputes. In conclusion, Karan producers, directors, judges, costume designers, etc. have succeeded in fulfilling their responsibility.

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