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All the parents want their children to perform well in school, but performing their good can not be possible only with preparation for a few days. By preparing for a few days they can be close to the exams, but this is not going to work much in life. It is necessary that the children understand them properly before leaving the things given in the book and take it to mind and it will be possible when they have enough time to understand everything.

In such a situation, the children's time table should be made. Whether the examination school should take any time, but you should make the routine of your children so that they do not have the burden of studying on any day and they learn something new every day.

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Let's know what your child's time table is:

1.Plan every year

Sit with your child and interact with him, plan the whole academic year in the beginning, so that you and the child have plenty of time. Identify the weak areas of your child. Her last year's report card and her experience will help you with it. You and the child have more work on this part.

2.Share every working hour

This time do not give place to the mistakes in the TimeTable which had become a problem for the past year. It may be that the child's sleep and homework time are the same in the past year, such a cut in the timing of the time will be a wise step to do homework a little earlier.

3. Try Homework to Fun Activity

If the child starts looking for excuses not to read, then instead of giving the example of the other child to the child, try to teach the study in sports. Try to find new ways in which a child feels like You know your child best and you can easily find the activity of his choice.

4. Measure Time Table Between

Plan created at the beginning of the academic year may not be right. As a measure of this problem, evaluate this plan in the meantime. Consult your child and make changes if necessary.

5. Keep track of the time table follow

Children also have a high degree of work so that if the right time tablets are not eaten, then the work gets accumulated and the problem is greatly increased. It is important for the homework to happen in the right way.

6. Give half-hour break after school

After returning from school, give the child half an hour break. During this time, the child neither watches TV, checks email or starts playing video games. If the child is engaged in all these, then he is upset after half an hour. Instead, motivate the homework child to get the most of work done during the day. All the members of the house stay at home in the night, the mind of the child is to sit and sit with everyone. So sitting alone is hard work to read.

7. Make sure to schedule a holiday

Everyone needs a break. Children also want to stay free on holiday. In such a way, it is impossible to walk according to the time table. You create separate time tables for the day of the holiday, so that there is no homework and children get holiday fun too.

8. Keep a look at the child's homework

Your child is not only good at mathematics. If the child is homework only for a long time, then note that he is not being given much work. Also note the quality of homework. Homework, in which the child has learned.
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