Konark Sun Temple | Sun Temple Konark - History, How to Reach, Timings & Online Ticket | konark sun temple facts

Konark Sun Temple | Sun Temple Konark - History, How to Reach, Timings & Online Ticket | konark sun temple facts

Konark Sun Temple | Konark sun temple facts 

Konark Sun Temple / Konark Sun Temple is the 13th Century Sun Temple which is located in Konark in the Indian state of Odisha. It is believed that this temple was built in 1250 CE by Maharaja Narasimhadeva 1 of the Eastern Ganga Empire. This temple is made in the shape of a huge chariot, in which precious metals are wheeled, pillars and walls are made. The main part of the temple is on the verge of destruction today. Today this temple is also included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site and this temple is also included in 7 wonders of India.

Konark Sun Temple
According to the future Puranas and Samba Puranas, there was another Sun Temple in this area besides this temple which was seen before 9th century or even earlier. In this book, the Sun Temple is also mentioned in Mandira (Konark), Artist (Mathura) and Multan.

Konark Sun Temple
According to Dharmagrantha Samba, Krishna's son was cursed with leprosy disease. Rishi Cuttack advised them to worship the sun god to avoid this curse. At that time Samba practiced strict penance for 12 years near friendhood on the banks of the Chandrabhaga river. Both the actual Konark temple and the Multan Temple show the specialty of Samba.

The Erythraian Sea (1st Century CE) also had a port which was called Canapra, and it is today called Konark.

 Konark Sun Temple

Whenever it comes to tradition, customs and history, every temple in India attracts the people.
The Konark name is especially composed of corners and extract - the word sun. It is situated on the north-eastern edge of the entire and the cycloid.

Konark Temple Vaastu Art - Konark Temple

By the way, this temple has been built in the mouth of Chandrabhaga but now its water day is getting reduced day by day. This temple is specially made in the shape of the chariot of sun god. Superbly this chariot has 12 pairs of wheels made of metals, which is 3 meters wide and in front of it are 7 horses (4 on the right side and 3 left). This temple is also composed according to traditional Kalinga system. And this temple has been built on the east side or the way that the first ray of sun fall directly at the entrance of the temple. This temple was built from Khondalit stone.

Konark Sun Temple
In fact, this temple is a holy place, which is 229 feet (70 m) high. Due to such high elevation and in 1837, due to the fall of the plane, the temple also suffered a slight loss. There is also a Jagmohan Hall (audiences hall) in the temple which is approximately 128 feet (30 meters) tall, and even today the hall is like that.

Currently there are many more halls in this temple, which mainly include the Natya Mandir and the Bhog Pavilion.

Konark temple is also known for its erotic idolatrous sex.

Konark Sun Temple
Two more huge temples have been found around this temple. One of which is Mahadevi Temple which is south of the entrance to the Konark temple. It is believed that the Mahadevi Temple is the temple of Suraj Lord's wife. This temple was discovered at the end of the 11th century. The second temple near the Konark temple is of the Vaishnava community. In which the statue of Balram, Varah and Trikkram has been established, hence it is also called Vaishnava temple. But the basic mortuary of both temples is missing.

 Konark Sun Temple

The Bahut Si Murthi, which had disappeared from the temples, was seen in the Konark Archaeological Museum.

Sun dial & Time -Konark Sun Temple

Temple wheels do the work of the solarium, with the help of which we can find the right time both times and times.

Let us know about some interesting places of Konark temple - Facts About Konark Temple

1. Creation of the chariot shape-Konark Sun Temple
The Konark temple has been constructed in the form of a chariot, with a total of 24 wheels.
The diameter of a wheel of a chariot is 10 feet and there are 7 horses on the chariot.

2. UNESCO World Heritage Site-Konark Sun Temple
Surprised ancient construction art is included in the wonderful Konark Temple UNESCO World Heritage Site. This is the only temple in the state of Odisha that gets the honor.

3. Education of mortality -Konark Sun Temple
Only two big lions have been built on the entry portion of the Konark temple. In which each lion is told to destroy the elephant. And there is also an elephant inside the human body.
In that scene, the lion is representing pride and elephant paiseo.
Many problems of human beings have been told in one view.

4. Dedicated to the sun god -Konark Sun Temple
Sun God is worshiped in the temple.
The size of the temple is like a huge chariot and this temple is known for its special artwork and the use of precious metals made in the temple construction.

5. The wheels of the chariot of the temple work as a scavenger and tell the right time-Konark Sun Temple
The main attraction of this temple is the pair of 12 wheels built in the chariot. These wheels do not have simple wheels because these wheels tell us the right time, those wheels have also been called a sundial.
Any person can guess the timing right from the shadow of the wheel.

6. Science behind construction-Konark Sun Temple
A heavy magnet has been installed in the upper part of the temple and an iron plate is also found on every two stone steps of the temple. The magnet has been installed in the temple so that they keep walking in the air.

This kind of construction work is also the main reason for the attraction of the people, people come to see it from a distance.

7. Black Pagoda -Konark Sun Temple
The Konark temple was to be built on the shore of the sea, but the sea was gradually reduced and the temple was also a little away from the shore. And for the dark color of the temple it is called black pagoda and it is used in Odisha to reduce negative energy.

8. Surprise surprises-Konark Sun Temple
Every single piece of the Konark temple is special in itself and attracts the people.
Therefore, Konark Sun Temple is one of the seven wonders of India.

9. Directed on the shore-Konark Sun Temple
Every morning in the morning, the first ray of sun rises through the temple and comes to the central part of the temple. At the time of the colonization, the British had removed the magnet for obtaining magnetic metal.

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