Qutub Minar - History of Qutub Minar and interesting facts | Untold story of the Qutub Minar | Qutub Minar Delhi - History, Architecture, Visit Timing & Entry Fee

Qutub Minar - History of Qutub Minar and interesting facts | Untold story of the Qutub Minar | Qutub Minar Delhi - History, Architecture, Visit Timing & Entry Fee

History of Qutub Minar

Qutub Minar is that the world's tallest brick tower, a hundred and twenty meters high and is India's second largest tower when Fateh Burj of Mohali. Since earlier period the history of Qutub Minar is returning, the encompassing space of   Qutub Minar is encircled by Qutub advanced, that is additionally a UN agency World Heritage website. Qutub Minar is placed in Mehruli a part of Old Delhi. This tower is formed of red stone and marble, Qutub Minar is seventy two.5 meters (237.8 feet) high, with diameter fourteen.32 meters (47 feet) and a pair of.75 meters (9 feet) on top of the height. There square measure spherical stairs within the tower, up to a height of 379 stairs. Qutub Minar / Qutub Minar Station is that the nighest station from Old Delhi tube.

Qutub Minar
In the year 1200 AD, the founding father of the Old Delhi state, Qutb-ud-Din Aibak started building Qutub Minar. In 1220 Aubak's successor and grandchild Eltumish enclosed 3 additional floors within the Qutub Minar. In 1369, the very best level of electricity was broken and also the floor fell fully. that's why Firoz Shah of Iran Tughlaq started work on the reconstruction of Qutub Minar and he accustomed create two new floors per annum, he started the development work of the stalls from the red stone and marble.

Qutub Minar is encircled by variety of historical heritage, thus traditionally it's connected to the Qutub Minar advanced. It includes Iron Pillar of Old Delhi, Kuvwit-ul-Islam house of worship, Alai Darwaza, The spot of Illumis, Alai Minar, Ala-Ud-Din Madarsa and imaum Zameen spot. there's additionally another small-scale historical heritage.

Qutb-ud-Din Aibak started the development of Qutub Minar in 1199 AD, that was then the founding father of Old Delhi state. so as to complete the Qutub Minar, successor Aibak designed 3 additional minarets in it.

Qutub Minar

The name of Qutub Minar is known as when the state Qutb-ud-Din Aibak of Old Delhi, and Bakhtiyar Kaki, WHO created it, was a Sufi saint. it's aforementioned that the design of Qutub Minar was inbuilt India before the arrival of Turkey. however within the history of Qutub Minar, we have a tendency to don't get any documents in history. however in keeping with the alleged facts, it absolutely was designed by being impressed by Rajput Minars. In Parsi-Arabic and civil languages   we additionally see some elements of the history of Qutub Minar. no matter historical info is obtainable concerning the Qutub Minar, it's found from Feroz Shah of Iran Tughlaq (1351-89) and Sikandar Lodi (1489-1517).

The Kuvwat-ul-Islam house of worship is additionally placed within the north of the Qutub Minar, that was designed by Qutb-ud-Din Aibak in 1192. This terribly ancient house of worship of the Indian landmass is taken into account. however when it slow Elmumish (1210-35) and Ala-ud-din Khilji developed the house of worship.

In 1368 AD, the higher floor of the tower was broken because of lightning falling and later the Feroz Shah of Iran Tughlaq restored it. at the same time, Feroz Shah of Iran designed two additional floors from white marble. In 1505, because of associate earthquake, the Qutub Minar was severely broken and also the harm caused by Sikander Lodhi was corrected later. Another earthquake occurred on one August 1903, and once more broken Qutub Minar, on the other hand Major Henry Martyn Robert Smith of a people Indian Army cured him in 1928, yet as a dome on the highest of the Qutub Minar. however in a while the say of the governor of Pakistan, Lord President of the United States, this dome was removed and it absolutely was placed within the east of the Qutub Minar.

Some attention-grabbing points of Qutub Minar - attention-grabbing Facts regarding Qutub Minar

1. Qutub Minar is taken into account to be the tallest rounded tower, the sixth floor of the Qutub Minar was taken down in 1848 however later it absolutely was put in at 2 completely different places within the Qutb advanced. it has been over one hundred years since it absolutely was created nowadays.

2. Illuminous grave

There is a secret underneath the grave of Iltumish, that was inbuilt 1235 AD which is strictly the important grave of Iltumish. This secret was discovered in 1914.

3. If a tower is finished, then it'll be larger than Qutub Minar.

Ala Minar (beginning 1311 AD) This tower is additional tall, larger and greater than Qutub Minar. In 1316 AD, Alla-ud-din Khilji died and since then the work of the Alai Minar has been halted.
4. Today's new heritage is about 500 years old.
Imam Zamin's grave was made by another Mughal ruler Humayun in 1538 AD. And this is the newest heritage in the Qutub Minar Complex.

5. Can you still go to the sixth floor of Qutub Minar?
Even today no one is allowed to go to the top floor of Qutub Minar, but you can still go to the sixth floor of Qutub Minar.
Maybe you are confusing? There is a sixth tower in the corner of Qutub Minar, which is still made of 1848 red stones. But then due to a little worse it was removed.

6. A similar heritage-
The Alai Darwaza is in the northern part of the Qutub Minar, whose doors are visible to us.

7. No connection to sand pudding of sandalwood-
In the memory of the person who built the Qutub Minar Complex, a sun-cush is installed.

8. Until 1910, Qutub Minar was in a way, it passed through Delhi-Gurgaon Road Qutub Minar Binch.This route was in the right part of the tomb of Iltumish. 
Qutub Minar - History of Qutub Minar and interesting facts | Untold story of the Qutub Minar | Qutub Minar Delhi - History, Architecture, Visit Timing & Entry Fee Qutub Minar - History of Qutub Minar and interesting facts | Untold story of the Qutub Minar | Qutub Minar Delhi - History, Architecture, Visit Timing & Entry Fee Reviewed by BlindAIM on November 20, 2018 Rating: 5

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