Sonpur Mela

Sonpur Mela

Sonpur Mela where needle to elephant ... everything is sold in a different style.

Our country is fascinated by our ancient culture and there are many such events that have been happening here for years and have been giving a wonderful glimpse of India's culture. The most prominent of these events are the fairs which also tell the mythical civilization. By the way, Kumbh is said to be the biggest fair, but there is a similar fair that is said to get from needle to elephant here. This fair is very special in itself because many different things attract people. We are talking about the Sonpur fair-Sonepur Mela which seems to be in Bihar.

This fair is being answered from the Vedic period. This fair, which is situated on the banks of Gandak in Sonpur, three kilometers away from Hajipur, headquarter of Vaishali district, about twenty-five kilometers from Bihar's capital Patna, is very famous.

It was known mainly as animal fair, but now it became famous for different things. This fair, which is held in November-December of Kartik Purnima, is called "Chattar Mela" or "Harihar Sector" fair. It is called Asia's largest animal fair, where all kinds of animals are found and mainly elephants for whom this fair is known.

By the way, the government has stopped the procurement of elephants, but here even today it is sold without any hitch and especially the wild elephants are found here.

Sonpur Mela History

As is the case of every pilgrimage and fairs of the fair, there is also a tale about how this fair was started. It is said that two exclusive devotees of Lord Vishnu "Jai" and "Vijay" were cursed and born in the earth. One of them made the crocodile of the customer and the other became the elephant. One day when the yard went to drink water in the river, the customer caught him and even after hard work the yard could not be exempted.

The fight of both of them lasted for many years and after that the yaj called Lord Vishnu, then God left the Sudarshan Chakra and the death of the customer and the yag free. After this many a number of deities appeared at this time and they also laughed with Lord Vishnu as well as the yard. Its Brahma placed idols of Lord Shiva and Vishnu both here and named it Harihara.

The only place in India is where the idols of Lord Shiva and Vishnu are kept together. To commemorate this victory of the yard, the celebration began to be celebrated every year and today it has taken the shape of the fair. It is said that Lord Rama also came here and he had worshiped Harihar.

Sonpur Mela
Sonpur Mela

Apart from this, the mention of Guru Nanak Dev of Sikhism is mentioned in the Dharma and Lord Buddha also came here during his visit to Kushinagar. It is said that Chandragupta Maurya used to buy elephants from this fair and besides this, Veer Kunwar Singh had bought elephants and horses for himself in the battle of 1857.

Earlier this mail was found in Hajipur and only Harihar was worshiped in Sonpur but after the order of the Mughal ruler Aurangzeb, this fair was started in Sonpur also and this has been happening since then.

The special talk of Sonpur Mela - Sonpur Mela Special

This fair is organized in a large area of ​​about 5 to 6 kilometers. There are different types of animals sold in this. Foreigners come in large numbers in this fair. The traditional shade of Bihar is also seen in this fair and things like eating, drinking and entertainment items are also sold. Household goods, everyday things, animals, instruments of entertainment etc. are sold here, which is the prominence here.

Highlights in changing form -

As is the case of everywhere, modernity prevails in culture, as it was also here. At this fair, the dancing and gimmick came slowly, which had come before, but now they started putting the theater. Here, porn dance is done.

To see this, you have to pay a ticket of five hundred thousand rupees, which people gladly pay. Girls are invited not only from the country but from outside India and they dance.

To prevent this obscenity, once local DM and SP had stopped it, but after the theater villagers protested, they had to bow down. He wrote the name of DM and SP over the donkey and turned around the whole city, which fed them and got permission again.

At one time, Mallika Gulab Bai, who came to the gimmick and theater, used to be a hot water, which was the center of the main attraction for the people. Apart from this, this Expo Fair has now become. The showrooms of different vehicles are made here for some time and all the technologies are available. Overall, the meaning of this fair, starting from the culture, is now taking the form of exhibition.

Different Competitions -

Different gatherings are organized for this purpose to keep the public's appeal in the fair. The most prominent of these is the yacht race and the riot. For them, year-round people make preparations that they have to take part in the fair.

Apart from this, wrestlers from different walks of life get an opportunity to show their ground. The wrestlers come here and they fight, and after this they are rewarded for winning them. Now this fair has come under completely local administration and the responsibility of that is to organize it.

Apart from this, the song and music are also organized for the audience. Music of regional language is of more importance and people want to listen to them only.

Foreign Tourist Visitors - Foreigners Tourist

There are also foreign tourists in the fair, which is the center of attraction here. Tourists from large countries like Germany, America, France, and Russia come here and take advantage of this.

To make it easy for the tourists to reach the fair, they are provided pre-paid taxi from Patna airport to Sonpur. Tourists are heavily influenced by the rural culture here and they spend many days here.

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