TeaTypes,Definition, & History | The Health Benefits of Tea | Tea Benefits

TeaTypes,Definition, & History | The Health Benefits of Tea | Tea Benefits

The history of Tea ,The Benefits of  Drinking Tea 

If talk of tea, then many people's ears stand up and they are ready to drink tea all the time. Tea is not only a beverage in our country, but it is the way to get rid of the emotions and open oneself.

It is often seen that people talk about tea, people from tea reached up to say, themselves, our Prime Minister Narendra Modi says that he used to sell tea first. One such woman who was not thinking of retiring after forty but instead of roaming around the world, she had decided that she would give a different taste to this item related to the emotions of Indians.

1. Tea Types - Main six type of tea

1.White Tea
White tea may help reduce the risk of heart disease, combat skin aging and even help with weight loss.White tea is known to be one of the most delicate tea varieties because it is so minimally processed.
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White Tea

2.Green Tea
Green tea is one in every of the healthiest drink. it's thought of to be associate “anti-aging drink.”Green Tea facet Effects. abdomen issues. tea contains tannins that may increase the number of acid in your abdomen. Headaches.
tea-types,tea plant,tea-benefits,history-of-tea,tea-leaves,black-tea,green-tea,tea-brands,White-Tea,Oolong-Tea
Green Tea

3.Black Tea
Black tea could be a kind of tea that's a lot of alter than tea, green, and white teas.Black tea is generally stronger in flavour than the less oxidized teas.When people talk generally of tea in Western culture, they're often referring to black tea.

4.Oolong Tea
Oolong tea is Associate in Nursing unbelievably healthy tea associated with inexperienced and tea leaf.It has several impressive health benefits for your body and brain.Oolong tea has many amazing benefits as it helps to boost metabolism, aids in weight loss, control type 2 diabetes, treats heart diseases.

5.Yellow Tea
Rare and unique, yellow tea is slowly taking over the tea-loving population of the world.All about yellow tea, the history of yellow tea, and production overview of the tea making techniques for the famous Chinese Yellow Teas.

6.Fermented tea
Kombucha could be a hard drink made of sugared tea and a selected culture referred to as a scoby.
Scoby stands for ‘symbiotic culture of microorganism and yeasts’.
The microorganism and yeasts convert the sugar into fermentation alcohol and carboxylic acid.
The carboxylic acid is what offers kombucha its distinctive bitter style.

2.Tea Plant

tea-types,tea plant,tea-benefits,history-of-tea,tea-leaves,black-tea,green-tea,tea-brands,White-Tea,Oolong-Tea
Tea Plant

There is a type of tea made from leaves of a plant called Camellia sinensis. The oxidation process in this process is minimal. Its origins were in China and, further, it was related to many cultures in the Middle East from Japan in Asia. There are plenty of benefits to consume it. At least eight cups per day Green tea reduces the chances of getting heart disease and reduces cholesterol as well as helps in controlling body weight. Often people are aware of Green Tea, but they do not get the full benefit because of not being able to take it properly.

3.Tea Leaves

tea-types,tea plant,tea-benefits,history-of-tea,tea-leaves,black-tea,green-tea,tea-brands,White-Tea,Oolong-Tea
Tea Leaves

4.Tea Benefits

What to say about tea, it has joined us and your life to such an extent that now it can not be removed even by desire. Whether it is winter or summer evening, tea is made only. Many people start the day with tea and end up on tea. If you are also a tea lover and have considered this an inseparable part of your life, then let us know today that some of its healthier qualities Presenting the benefits of drinking tea-

Benefits of drinking tea-

1. Reduce age- Tea contains antioxidants. Tea protects your body from the outbreaks of aging and the effects of pollution.

2. Low caffeine- Tea contains less caffeine compared to coffee. Caffeine is commonly found in coffee in two to three times more than tea. Caffeine contains 135 mg in eight ounce cups of coffee, while at the same time cup of tea is only 30 to 40 mg of caffeine. If you drink coffee, you have difficulty in indigestion, headaches or sleeping, then face the tea without smiling.

3. Heart disease - Tea can reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke. Due to drinking tea the arteries are smooth and free of cholesterol.Drinking but six cups of tea causes but third of the chance of cardiovascular disease.

4. Bones strong - tea also protects your bones. Not only because milk is mixed in it, but in one study, those people were compared together, who have been drinking tea for 10 years and who do not drink tea.Studies have found that the bones of tea drinkers square measure robust in spite aged, overweight, exercise, smoking and alternative risk factors.

5. Dental repair - Drinking tea will make your teeth strong. Yes, if you drink tea without sugar, it must be so. Tea is actually made of fluoride and tanine in which keeps the plague away. Then start drinking tea for healthy teeth and gums.

6. Fight with disease- Drinking tea helps your body's immune system fight infections. Common diseases like colds and wounds disappear from drinking tea.

7. Protecting against cancer - Tea protects against cancer because it contains polyfinol and antioxidant. Both of these effects help a lot to fight cancer.

8. Complete the water shortage - Tea helps in getting hydrated. Tea is needed by our body, while drinking coffee takes urine more, so it does not stay in the body for long. That is why our body does not meet water. If you drink five to six cups of coffee every day, you may lack water.

9. Low calorie- Tea is calorie free. There will be no calories in tea unless you get any kind of sweetener or milk in it. If you want to drink a satisfying, calorie-free drink, then tea is the safest option.

10. Decrease fat - Drinking tea increases your body's metabolism. Many people complain that they do not lose weight even after exercising, but if you drink green tea then your metabolism rate will increase, so that 70 to 80 calories can be burned comfortably. Along with that, it is necessary to take 30 hours of work every day.

5.Tea Brands

A. Tata Tea
B. Brooke Bond Taaza
C. Brooke Bond Red Labe
D. Society Tea
E. Wagh Bakri Tea
F. Lipton Tea
G. Tetley Tea
H. Pataka Tea
I. Brooke Bond Taj Mahal Tea
J. Marvel Tea

Poetry has also been among the founding members of the world's largest play school EuroKids. Forty years later, poetry started walking around the country and enjoyed many types of tea. Poetry says that once I got an invitation in a Japanese tea ceremony and I went there, I realized that it is not tea to immerse the tea bags and it is an emotion that every citizen of this country feels .

After this he decided that the emption would not allow the West to happen. He went to many places and from expensive to expensive places to enjoy the tea along the roadside.

55-year-old poet has been an academician and he said that after retiring, his husband Uday Mathur and his associate Ganesh Viswanathan understood that tea-dwelling place remains a favorite spot for youth in today's time.

Just wondered what was it that India is the second country in the world which is the biggest tea garden but her tea goes to other countries, so now this country will get a taste here. Poetry is from Mumbai, so he opened his first outlet in Thane, Mumbai, named "T Trails".

After starting it, poetry started not only selling tea here but also talking about the health benefits of drinking tea. They created a cafe atmosphere that people would be attracted to tea and thought about drinking tea. An aromatic atmosphere and it looks like you are sitting in tea gardens.

Ginger, cardamom, and clay tea, it gives the taste of Japanese and other different countries of tea. Overall, there are more than a hundred types of tea found here.

Poetry also serves snacks and food along with tea. That is, after eating, those who have a habit of drinking tea do not go outside, but drink this tea.

Today there are more than 31 outlets across the country and people from all over the country are enjoying it in different places. Poetry got its first funding from NHI, which made her business grow quite a lot. In addition to tea, the cafe menu includes many special things. J.

From Burmese T Salad, Tea Marbled Eggs, Tea Infused Thai Bowls etc. Poetry trains himself to his staff. So that they can advise customers what foods they can order pair with.

Today the poem has become a model for those people who say that the time has come to retire now. The story of the poem that gives the country a taste of real tea is very interesting.

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  1. History of tea ☕ from people living on earth. I like green tea and milk tea very testy.all world famous brand of tea is tata tea and taj tea. All types of tea is healthy and good for body.


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