Pastoral life Part 6: Water - solvent of life

Pastoral life Part 6: Water - solvent of life

Pastoral life Part 6: Water - solvent of life

Currently only water is known as solvent of life. Now we see what is the specialty of water that makes it solvent of life, how it fulfills all the necessary conditions in the form of ideal bio solvent. It will also do the benchmark work to compare us as solvent to the ideal life of other villains.

The water occupied everywhere : -

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Water - solvent of life
Water is the most available molecule in the whole universe. It is available so that in most planets it should be found in large quantities, the contradiction is that it is rare in liquid form. Only water in the organic liquid on earth is abundantly available in naturally occurring fluid state.

Water is a universal solvent : 

water is the most effective solvent. This is called the universal solvent due to this quality. The reason for its success as a solvent is to be highly polarized, so that the other polarized molecules and salts dissolve in it. Oily molecules like inorganic organic molecules are molecules of a particular square that do not dissolve in water normally. But there is also the benefit of this limit of water which produces hydrofobic effects. We will further discuss this thread.
Fluid phase in a large extent: In normal conditions, pure water occurs in a fluid state in a large extent, 0-100 ° C / 32-212 ° F. If the normal salts are added, its fracture point decreases to -23 ° C / -10 ° F. If we make pressure by 215 times atmospheric pressure, its evaporation point reaches 374 ° C / 706 ° F. This means that the possible temperature range of water in the fluid state is 397 ° C / 716 ° F.

The most hydrophobic effect of water is : 

water, importance-of-water, the-water, safe-water

hydrophobic effect of water

Having the most water-resistant effect of water plays an important role in life on Earth, this effect is critical for the construction and maintenance of strong membranes of cushions. The role of this effect is also necessary in the formation of the proteins of proteins, the formation of these layers creates a three-dimensional shape, allowing the protein to function properly in a certain shape. Oily acid proteins of the proteins turn naturally from the middle to prevent water, while other amino acids turn outwards.

There are many other special properties of water :

 one of the most important properties of water is that it has many special properties out of the ordinary boundary that it is beneficial for life. The dielectric constant of water is highly high, which is extremely important for life's suitable solvents; Apart from this, very few solvents can only get around the thermal properties of water, these properties control the effects of temperature and heat. The high capacities of water, the heat of fusion, the heat of vaporization of vaporization, and heat convection capacities. Also, some other important qualities have high surface tension, low hearing and high diffusion.

Water is ideal for organic chemicals. We have seen that carbon is the only element which is ideal for biochemistry. Water is the most suitable solvent for organic chemical processes. It is caused by two important factors, both atoms of carbon water form a strong chemical bond with both oxygen and hydrogen. The bond between the carbon and hydrogen bond is the strongest bond found in ordinary matter. The second common pressure is that the temperature range (0-100 ° C or 32-212 ° F) in the fluid state of water is so that the carbon chemical processes are easily done. The carbon processes can be possible in other solvents in lesser temperatures. But they are slow and biological growth will slow down. In contrast, this process will not be possible at high temperatures because organic compounds start breaking at a temperature of 200 ° C / 392 ° F. The range in the region is ideal for organic chemicals.

In the summary, water is a unique fluid. There is no equal in the form of a solvent. In a way, it can be assumed that water is made for life only.

So far, we have seen how the properties of water are essential for life. But this quality is not important for life. The role of water is also an important role in the planet's environmental control, which makes life possible. There are some important properties

Protecting Lake, Rivers and Polar Areas

water, importance-of-water, the-water, safe-water

Control of global temperature and prevention from severe seasonal changes
Assistance in earthquake building, river, valley construction and soil transfer
Help in the Global Transfer of Salts and Minerals
Assistance in the transfer of geoplay
Aquatic life support
Cooling and control by the body temperature and humidity of the human body
All these factors are important because all living creatures are highly dependent on their environment. Its replacement solvent can be discussed, it must be compared to water. Water is the role of water for life on earth, including the adaptation of life, creating and controlling the weather. No other fluid receives these properties around the water.

Water scarcity

Water is an ideal solvent and has many wonderful properties, but according to some scientists, it is not ideal in every circumstance even on earth. Now we will discuss these shortcomings of water.

Water can damage the kiosks when it is frozen. Water has a strange quality, it spans when it is frozen. It prevents the lake, river and arctic ocean from being solidified when it gets frozen, but it also means that when the water gets frozen inside the cell, it breaks the membrane of the kiosks and the cell is dead. It will not apply to life based on other solvents because they are compressed when they become frozen, not like water. Generally the loss caused by the freezing of water is not high because many plants and animals have discovered the means of avoiding the dispersion during water freezing. Some animal species, for example, produce natural anti-immunization chemicals, which inhibit the freezing of water inside their body, even when they go below the freezing point of temperature water.
Water is reactive and can damage main biological molecules. Generally the water is considered inactive and it is used in the house, commercial and industrial places with a trunk. Water is relatively neutral but it is more active with some simple general substances such as oiled hydrocarbons. For this reason organic chemists use more solvents instead of water in more than 80 percent of their works, so that they can avoid affecting other water processes. The most prominent issue is the slow down erosion of some of the major biological molecules, such as DNA, by water; DNA requires a complicated indemnification process to prevent it. But this is not the whole story. There is also some advantage of not being completely depressed in water because it requires some important biochemical processes.

Water is not compatible with carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is a key component for light synapses in plants. On Earth, the plant consumes about 258 billion tonnes of CO2 per year. In the form of gas it spreads easily in all the environments so that it is easily available for all ground plants. But CO2 in water is not easily soluble, instead it reacts with CO2 to form soluble bicarbonate (HCO3) ion. It is essential for the availability of CO2 for aquatic vegetation such as lakes and oceans in the aquatic environment. But the gourd is that bicarbonate (HCO3) ion is not more processile but soluble, CO2 is processed but not soluble. Due to this problem, a challenge arises in front of aquatic and terrestrial plants. Plants have biotin enzymes to deal with this problem. Biotin takes more energy for the metabolic process, as well as does not use excessive amount of CO2. Most carbon composites are made from one enzyme rubiscos (rubisco ribulose-1,5-bisphosphate carboxylase oxygenase). But Rubosco's image is a waste and disabled enzyme. The process for which it works as a catalyst is slow and it can not distinguish between O2 and CO2. When it takes oxygen, many unwanted compounds are formed, which means more rubiscos are needed. But this problem is not due to the lack of water or Rubicos due to internal chemical similarity of CO2 and O2.

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