Which is the world's largest city? | Top 10 largest cities in the world by area and population 2019

Which is the world's largest city? | Top 10 largest cities in the world by area and population 2019

Largest city in the world by area and population 2019

Which is the world's largest city? Most of the people living in the city or in the village or in the coming years, will the population of the village decrease or increase, such questions often come to mind.We are about to tell you something like this world's top 10 largest city.Which is the world's largest city, where locals read to face the problem of living and eating.

Why this data is different, let me tell you that in addition to local organizations, the United Nations also issues such data from time to time! That is why the answer to these questions becomes very complicated. I will try to remove all your confusion through this article, we will be happy.

Even today, Tokyo (Japan) is the world's largest city with a population of  37,468,302 in terms of population, except for the world's largest organizations, the United Nations also recognizes this. According to a UN report, in 2030, the world's largest city will remain Tokyo, while the second place will be Delhi.

Chongqing (China) is the world's largest city in terms of area, area of ​​which - Nagarpalika - 82,403 km square and urban 472.8 km square.

Most people in the world regard urban life as good, people think that more facilities given by the government will get them in urban life only.

According to the United Nations report, a survey was conducted in 2016, which found that 54.5 percent of people live in cities, while the number will reach 60 percent by the year 2030. See also the history of the world, it is known that most people lived in the first village but now the population of the cities is much higher than the village.

What are the 10 largest cities in the world 2018-2019?

1.Tokyo, Japan

  • Land Area: 13500 SqKm
  • Population: 37,468,302 
  • Population density: 2644 people/SqKm
tokyo largest city in the world
Tokyo Largest city in the world

Tokyo: Japan's capital and largest city. It is colonised on the Honshu island of Japan, and its population is or so eighty six million, whereas in capital of Japan region there area unit one.28 million Associate in Nursingd residential area areas with an estimated 3.7 million people, making it the world's most populated metropolitan area. is. Tokyo is spread over an area of approximately 80 km and it is also the world's largest urban area in terms of area.

2.Jakarta, Indonesia

  • Land Area; 6392 SqKm
  • Population: 28,300,000
  • Population density: 4427 people/SqKm
Jakarta world third largest city
Jakarta is that the capital and largest town of state. Jakarta is located on the north-west coast of Java. Its total area is 661 km According to the 2010 census, the population here is approximately 9, 5, 80,000. Jakarta is that the economic, cultural and political center of the country. Jakarta is the first and the tenth place in the world in Indonesia and South-East Asia in terms of population. Jakarta was founded in the fourth century and it became an important trading port. Jakarta was the capital of the Dutch East Indies and after independence in 1945 it remained the capital of Indonesia.

3.Seoul, South Korea

  • Land Area: 10400 SqKm
  • Population: 25,800,000
  • Population density: 2480 people/SqKm
Seoul is largest city of south korea
Seoul is the capital of South Korea. This city is situated on the banks of the Han River. Seoul is South Korea's largest city.

4.Shanghai, China
  • Land area: 6340 SqKm
  • Population: 25,582,138
  • Population Density: 3628 people/SqKm
Shanghai is largest city of chaina by population and area
Shanghai is that the largest town of the People's Republic of China. It is located on the delta of the Yangtze River in the eastern part of the country. It is China's largest city in terms of economy and population. It is one of the four municipalities of the country and is at the same level as any other province of China.

The population within the city limits is 93 lakh and the entire municipality has 1 million 81 lakh people. As of January 1, 2006, there were 11.7 million permanent residents and 44 lakh temporary residents who had valid permit for living. In addition, three million people live here illegally.

5.Delhi, India
  • Land area: 1590 SqKm
  • Population: 28,513,682
  • Population Density: 13,989 people / SqKm
Delhi is largest city of india
Delhi largest city of india
Delhi, officially the National Capital Territory of Delhi is a center-ruled state and metropolis of India. This includes New Delhi which is the capital of India. Being the capital of Delhi, Delhi is the second largest metropolis in India as the Delhi district, spread across 1,483 sq km, the three units of the central government - the headquarters of the executive, parliament and judiciary are set in New Delhi and Delhi. The population here is approximately 1.7 million. The main languages spoken here are: Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu and English. Delhi has historic significance in India. Its Aravali Hills in the southwest and the Yamuna River in the east, on which it is settled. It was the main stop in the ancient times in the way of the commerce routes through the Gangetic plains.
Located on the bank of river Yamuna, this town has a glorious mythological history. This is the most ancient city of India. Its history begins with the Indus Valley civilization. Proof of this has been found in excavations in the vicinity of Haryana. In the Mahabharata period, its name was Indraprastha. With the rise of the Delhi Sultanate, Delhi has emerged as a major political, cultural and commercial city. Many ancient and medieval buildings and their remains can be seen here. In 1639 Mughal emperor Shah Jahan constructed a walled city in Delhi, which was the capital of the Mughal Empire from 1679 to 1857.
In the 18th and 19th centuries, the British East India Company took almost entire occupation of India. These people made Kolkata their capital. In 1911, the English government decided that the capital should be brought back to Delhi. For this, the construction of a new city of New Delhi started in the south of Old Delhi. New Delhi was declared the capital of India after independence from British in 1947.
After attaining independence, people migrated from various areas in Delhi, due to which there was radical change in the nature of Delhi. Due to urbanization of Delhi, people of various provinces, religions and castes settled in Delhi, there was a mixed culture in Delhi. Today metropolis may be a major political, cultural and industrial center of Asian nation.

6.Manila, Philippines
  • Land area: 4863 SqKm
  • Population: 21,420,000
  • Population Density: 4404 people/SqKm
Manila is largest city
Manila is the capital of Philippines. The geographical area of Manila is 38.55 square kilometers and with a population of 16 million, it is the second most populous metropolis of the Philippines. Manila city is located in the east of Manila Bay.
According to the 2010 census, the population here is 16,52,171.

7.Karachi, Pakistan
  • Land Area: 803 SqKm
  • Population: 20,877,000
  • Population Density: 26,000 People / SqKm
Karachi largest city of pakistan
Karachi largest city of pakistan
Karachi is that the largest town in Islamic Republic of Pakistan and therefore the capital of Sindh province. It is situated on the banks of the Arabian Sea and is also Pakistan's biggest port. Combining its suburbs, it is the second largest city in the world. It spreads in 3527 square kilometers and is home to 1.45 million people. Because of the city's loneliness, the residents of this city call it a city-e-prison because of the city of lights and the place of Qaid-e-Azam Jinnah. Karachi is the capital of Sindh province of Pakistan famous for Jinnah's birthplace. This is Pakistan's largest city. Karachi is considered as the cultural, economic and educational capital of Pakistan on the banks of the Arabian Sea. It is also Pakistan's largest harbor city. This city is also very popular among tourists visiting Pakistan. Tourist can see the beach, museums and mosques etc.
The human history of today's Pakistani territory is at least 5000 years old, although the History Pakistan term was born in 1933 by the student of Cambridge University Chaudhary Rehmat Ali. Today's Pakistani landscape has been witness to many cultures.

8.Mumbai, India
  • Land Area: 1,176 SqKm
  • Population: 20,800,000
  • Population Density: 17,687 People / SqKm
mumbai is largest city of india
Located on the geographical area of Bharat, city (formerly Bombay), is that the capital of the Indian state of Maharashtra. Its estimated population is 32 million 29 lakh, which is the country's first most populated city. It is formed by seven small islands made of lava and it is connected with the main land area by the bridge. Mumbai Port is India's best seaport. Mumbai's coast is choppy, due to which its harbor is natural and safe. Ships coming from western countries like Europe, America, Africa etc. from the waterways or airways, passengers and tourists come first in Mumbai, hence Mumbai is called the gateway of India.

Mumbai is the best commercial center of India. Which has a 5% participation in India's GDP. It is 25% of the total industrial product of India, 40% of the shipping trade, and 70% of the capital transactions of the Indian economy. Mumbai is one of the top ten commercial centers in the world. Major offices of most of India's Bank and Dealers Offices and many important financial institutions such as the Reserve Bank of India, Bombay Stock Exchange, National Stock Exchange and the corporate headquarters of many Indian companies and multinationals are located in Mumbai. That's why it is also called the economic capital of India. The city also has Hindi film and television industry of India which is famous as Bollywood. The commercial Opportunity of Mumbai, and the high standard of living attract the people of entire India, due to which the city has become a mix of different societies and cultures. Mumbai Port moves about half of India's ocean freight.

9.New York City, USA
  • Land Area: 30,671 SqKm
  • Population: 20,464,000
  • Population Density: 667 People / SqKm
New York City is largest city of usa
New York City
New York is America's largest and major city. It is in New York State, which is located in the Northeast part of America.
New York City is the most populous city in the United States since 1790, while New York's metropolitan area is one of the world's most populated metropolitan areas. It is a major metropolis of the world and has great effect on world trade, commerce, culture, fashion and entertainment. Being the headquarters of global organization here, it is also a major center of international affairs.
Large port city facing the Atlantic, there are five boroughs (administrative units) in this metropolis: Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens and Staten Island. The estimated population of the city is approximately 82 million, which is inhabited by an area of 790 sq. Km, which makes New York the largest population density city in America. The population of latest York's metropolitan space is calculable at one.88 million, that is that the highest within the North American nation, that is found in seventeen,400 km2 space.

10.Mexico City, Mexico
  • Land Area: 9,560 SqKm
  • Population: 20,463,000
  • Population Density: 2,140 People / SqKm
Mexico is largest city of world
United States Mexico is a country commonly known as Mexico, which is located in North America. This is a federal constitutional republic. It is bound to the border on the north of the United States. In the south Pacific Ocean, in the west, Guatemala, Belize and the Caribbean Sea are in the south and the Gulf of Mexico is east of it. Mexico spans nearly 2 million square kilometers, Mexico is fifth in America and the 14th largest independent nation in the world. With an estimated population of 11 million, this is the 11th most populous country. Mexico is a federation states comprising one thirty-one states and one federal district, capital.

All the cities mentioned above are the world's largest cities with a very high population.The place for living is very difficult for humans.We have told you the list of the world's largest cities and gave information about their populations and area.We hope you have liked our articles. So tell us your opinion by comment.And subscribe to our website.


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